Helping Children Grow and Develop So they Can Glow Brightly In Their Future

With Online Speech Therapy

How We Can Help…

Notice any of these concerns?

Does your child have difficulties with:

  • Producing sounds or letters? (Pronunciation/Articulation)
  • Not saying enough words? (Early Language)
  • Tongue Thrust? (pushing tongue between upper and lower teeth)
  • Developmental disorders? (ASD)
  • Language? (Understanding/Following Directions, Grammar)
  • Social/Pragmatic Language?
  • Require Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC)?
  • Stuttering or stammering? (Fluency)
  • Trouble with both English and Spanish (Bilingual Speech)

Services We Offer

Available to Residents of California, South Carolina, Wyoming, Texas, Florida, North Carolina, Ohio, Georgia, Virginia, and Colorado.

Our Mission: At Glow Bright Therapy, our mission is to help families receive accessible and effective speech-language therapy services. We want to not only help your child, but also empower and support you as the parent/caregiver in how to become an essential part of your child’s intervention. We believe parents are a child’s greatest teacher, and our purpose is to help you along the way. We strive to provide our expertise through building a meaningful connection and relationship with you and your child to better serve you throughout your speech-language journey.

The Benefits of Teletherapy


Just as effective as in-person: research shows that teletherapy is an effective delivery model.


Accessible Anytime/Anywhere & Convenient: consistent, reliable, and easy to use.

Less Stress

Connecting from home allows for less stress not having to drive to and from therapy.

Natural Environment

Learning in the natural (home) environment aids in generalizing and carryover of skills. 

With You

Teletherapy includes you in the sessions so you know what’s going on during therapy.


” We enjoy working with Glow Bright Therapy. Our therapist is patient and encouraging not only with our child but also to us as parents. She listens to our observations and helps us plan ways to help our child reach his goals. She is insightful and works well with our child. She finds fun activities to teach concepts of language. I can’t imagine this journey without her as part of our team. Glow bright therapy is our absolute favorite. “


” My son was in speech through his school for three years with no progress, but with Glow Bright Therapy he made so much progress and he enjoyed the sessions as well. Our therapist is very patient and knowledgeable and really connects with the kids. I highly recommend them. “


My daughter and I worked with Glow Bright Therapy. Our therapist was amazing and does so well with children. She made Speech Therapy fun and the system they use allows the kids to interact and play games while learning. 


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At Glow Bright Therapy, we want to help children grow and develop, so they can glow brightly in their future. We believe in doing this through sharing our knowledge/expertise with you, so you become the missing piece to the puzzle of your child’s intervention. By giving you the support and tools you need, we can help to empower you to know how to help your child at home throughout the day. From toddlers to teens, children learn best from their parents, so giving you the tools you need is a vital part of what we strive to provide our families.

The Personal Care You Deserve!

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Glory Miller

Glory Miller

Speech-Language Pathologist | Co-Founder