How does teletherapy work?

Our online speech therapy doesn’t require any special equipment like microphones or headsets, and you don’t need to be a tech wizard to set it up! You just need a device with a microphone, a camera, and an internet connection. While a computer or laptop results in the most ideal teletherapy environment, an iPad, tablet, or cell phone will work as well! Just download the Zoom app, and our system will automatically send you an appointment reminder with your Zoom link. Click on the link, and that’s it—simple and easy!

Is online speech therapy really as effective as in-person therapy?

Yes! In fact it’s often a better choice for families. Teletherapy has been recognized and endorsed by ASHA, the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, as an appropriate and effective delivery model for therapy services. Studies have shown that teletherapy works just as well or in some cases even better than in-person therapy!

Other benefits of online speech therapy include: 

  • Finding the best quality care for your child’s specific needs, not just the closest provider.
  • No commute to a clinic means fewer missed appointments resulting in better care and greater progress for your child!
  • No commute also means the time needed for the appointment is minimal! This provides you with more options for appointment times that suit your schedule. (Not to mention more time to get back to things you’d rather be doing than sitting in traffic!)
  • No in-person contact helps children stay safe and healthy. It also makes canceling appointments for minor illnesses unnecessary!
  • Learning in their own home environment helps children generalize and carry over their newly learned skills better than in a clinic environment.
  • You can find a provider today! No waiting lists or long drawn-out intake processes. 
  • With teletherapy, we give you the support and tools you need  to help your child at home.
  • The teletherapy model allows us to provide more affordable prices for our clients. 

I’m not sure if teletherapy is for me.

We understand the hesitation parents have about switching to teletherapy. We find that online speech therapy is effective for the majority of cases, but it’s not for everyone. That’s why we encourage you to try it out! Our free 20-minute consultation will give us a chance to talk face to face about your concerns and goals for speech services. Our consultation also includes a demonstration of the therapy platform so you can see firsthand what our teletherapy experience is like!

Afterward, we can decide together if speech teletherapy is a good fit for your situation. After all, our number one goal is helping children and empowering parents to succeed. Even if your child isn’t a great candidate for teletherapy, you could still benefit from our parent coaching sessions! As your child’s first and best teacher, we want to help you be your best, too!

The Personal Care You Deserve!

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Glory Miller

Glory Miller

Speech-Language Pathologist | Co-Founder