Speech Language Pathologists

Do you enjoy helping children meet their full potential? Do you thrive on spinning speech practice into interactive play therapy? Do you “nerd out” on SLP research and strive to be at the top of your game?

We’re always looking for passionate, talented, and patient speech-language pathologists to join our growing team! As a teletherapy-only practice, we accept applicants from anywhere in the United States! What do you get when you join the Glow Bright team?

Employers that value their clinicians as much as their clients

Co-founded by an SLP, Glow Bright was created with the well-being of its clinicians in mind!  We recognize the hard work our SLPs put into helping children and supporting their families. Our goal is to provide an empathetic and supportive environment that enables you to expand your career. We believe the mutual exchange of ideas, insights, and expertise helps everyone grow, not matter your level of experience. 

A practice that is recognized for excellence

Whether Glow Bright is a stepping-stone in building your career, or if you’re looking for the perfect place to settle in the for the long haul, there’s no replacement for taking pride in your work. We hold our practice to the utmost standards, and we’ve been recognized for our work!  Glow Bright Speech Therapy was named the Best Teletherapy Practice for Autism by VeryWell Family.

A career that grows with you

Imagine the flexibility of being self-employed coupled with the security of working for a well-established clinic. That’s what we offer here at Glowbright! A telepractice that you can grow with, and have the flexibility to build the caseload you love. With teletherapy, you’re not limited by your specific geographical locality. You can take clients from anywhere in your state or region or licensure. This isn’t just great for your caseload, it also helps extend quality services to rural and underserved communities.

Build Relationships that Last

Our focus on parent coaching and empowering caregivers forges unique and irreplaceable bonds between you and the families you serve. When parents are encouraged and supported in their role in their child’s care, you will be amazed at the progress you can make! The only thing better than reveling in your client’s success is sharing that elation with happy parents who are learning and growing along with their child. 

Work-Life Balance

The remote work revolution has changed the way we work and interact with the world. Glow Bright recognized the value of the flexibility and autonomy of teletherapy just ahead of the curve, and has been operating fully remotely since  2019!  Working from home allows us to have more freedom, time, connection, and satisfaction for the job you love. Telepractice offers unparalleled flexibility without sacrificing the level of service. Teletherapy has been recognized as an effective delivery method of speech language pathology. Studies show it’s just as effective as in-person, but saves you the hassle of commuting to and from the clinics, schools, or home visits. Glow Bright allows you to schedule work around your life, rather than the other way around. 


The Personal Care You Deserve!

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Glory Miller

Glory Miller

Speech-Language Pathologist | Co-Founder