Early Intervention Teletherapy

Glow Bright Therapy has supported state Early Intervention programs since 2019. Our goal and mission is to help families receive the compassionate, accessible, high-quality services that they need, especially in those areas that are harder to reach due to distance and location.

At Glow Bright Therapy, we know teletherapy – we have several years of expertise utilizing this delivery model. We specialize in providing teletherapy early intervention services, and partner with early intervention state programs to provide accessible online therapy services to ease the frustration of finding providers in your area, while providing effective, high-quality services to the families we serve.

We understand that early intervention is key, and we are here to help you have greater accessibility to providers that can help the families in your area. Our providers have an understanding of the IFSP process, and know the importance of parent coaching utilizing the child’s natural environment through daily routines and activities.

Here are a few benefits of our EI teletherapy services:

  • We have helped early intervention state programs have greater accessibility in rural areas throughout several states (CO, OH, WA).
  • Our expert therapists have an understanding of how to facilitate early language development utilizing the parent coaching model, which has greatly increased parent involvement in each session, leaving the parents feeling empowered in knowing how to help their child at home.
  • Through our accessible platform, we are able to provide services in the child’s natural environment that focuses on the family’s meaningful daily routines and activities.
  • We know how important it is to collaborate with the family and the IFSP team members to best meet the family’s and child’s needs.
  • Glow Bright Therapy is here to support you in having qualified EI providers, and to empower families through their early intervention journey.
  • We are able to meet the cultural and linguistic needs of Spanish-speaking families through our team of bilingual EI therapists.

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Glory Miller

Glory Miller

Speech-Language Pathologist | Co-Founder