Speech Teletherapy is effective and accredited. 

Speech Teletherapy has been recognized and endorsed by ASHA (American Speech-Language-Hearing Association) as an appropriate and effective delivery model for therapy services. Many studies have shown children who received teletherapy perform the same or in some cases even better than their peers receiving in-person services. 

Online speech therapy is more convenient than traditional speech therapy. 

It’s an unfortunate fact that even among children who are currently receiving speech therapy services, many are still underserved due to poor attendance. This is truer than ever in the Covid-era climate we find ourselves in now.  Besides the daily struggle of seeing kids off to school, driving to work, running errands, getting kids to after school practices and appointments, and driving home again, we must now contend with the added pressure of public health and safety. That stuffy nose we might not have thought twice about a few years ago is now a  reason to think twice before leaving the home. It’s no wonder that parents find it difficult to keep up with appointments! However, regular and consistent speech therapy sessions are crucial to your child’s continued progress and success!

Speech teletherapy makes everything so simple! No more long drives and no expensive equipment is necessary. All you need for your child’s online speech therapy session is an internet-capable device with a camera and microphone, a steady internet connection, and a quiet distraction-free place for your child to learn. 

Your opportunities are not limited by your geography. 

What if you could enroll your child in the best school system in the country at the click of a button? While that may not be possible for your child’s school, as independent speech and language therapy providers, we don’t have the same restrictions. Staying local and wait listing for an SLP in your community could mean your child is missing out on precious weeks, months, or even years of progress. Early intervention is one of the most crucial pillars of success!

Whether you live in a remote or underserved community that doesn’t offer many choices for speech therapy services, or you’re just doing your due-diligence to find the absolute best provider, online speech teletherapy can help bridge the physical between you and the best SLP for your child’s specific needs. At Glowbright, we have many different SLP’s working all over the country. Each has their own  background, focus, and professional specialties. We hold licenses in 11 different states, and that number continues to grow! 

Teletherapy provides a safe supportive learning environment.  

When taught in their own home environment, children show a higher capacity to carry over newly learned skills and apply them to other parts of their life and education. At Glowbright we recognize the crucial role that parents play in their child’s speech and language journey. With teletherapy, we give you the support and tools you need to know how to help your child at home and parent coaching helps you ensure the learning continues, well after we log off.